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DMC2019 Concurrent Events

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DMC2019 Concurrent Events—Major Meetings

The Fourth Meeting of the Eighth Council of China Die & Mould Industry Association

2019 Die & Mould High-quality Development Conference

10th June 2019 A.M.

1F, Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel

The Fourth Meeting of the Eighth Council of China Die & Mould Industry Association

- Deliberation and approval of the recommended candidate of the 9th Board of Directors of the China Die & Mould Industry Association (CDMIA)

- Review and approve the proposal of the China Die & Mould Industry Association

- Awarding of the second batch of key mould exporting enterprises certified by CDMIA

- Awarding of the third batch of enterprises certified by the credit rating of CDMIA

- Awarding of the “Top 100 Die & Mould artisans” and “Top 100 Die & Mould elites”

2019 Die & Mould High-quality Development Conference

- Interpretation of Industrial Policy (The Department of Industrial Policy from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

- Opportunities and Challenges to China's Auto Parts Industry Under the New Situation (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)

- Main Countries Profile of Mould ManufacturingChina Die & Mould Industry Association

- Combined Measures of Foreign Trade Helping Industrial Development China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation

-Promote High-quality Development with Party Construction Culture Jiangsu Yingyang Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.

International Die & Mould Industrial Docking and Communication Summit

Complementary Advantages in Resource and Trade Promoting the Cooperation and Win-win Situation of Global D&M Industry

11th June 2019 A.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

“Belt and Road” International Die & Mould Industrial Docking and Communication Summit

    China&India, China& Brazil and China& Portugal gather to promote the sharing and co-construction of die & mould and related industries in the manufacturing parks and economic development zones of China's surrounding countries and the BRICS countries, strengthening international effective docking and expanding multilateral trade, to form an international production capacity and investment cooperation with more authoritativeness and international influence through complementary advantages and synergistic approaches.

    Development and Technical Status of the European/Portuguese Automotive and Mould Industry (Vice President of ISTAM/President of ISTAM Europe)

    Development of Brazilian Mould Manufacturing Industry and China-Brazil TradeGeneral Secretary of Brazilian National Die & Tooling Association

    Spanish Automotive Industry Overview and Cooperation Opportunities (Basque Trade and Investment Agency (Spain) Shanghai Office)

    Spanish Automotive and Manufacturing Technology Development and Overview (Butz/Gestamp)

    Indian Mould Industry Status and Market Demand (TAGMA/Die & Mould enterprise from India)

Technical Summit

Gathering the Frontier Tech Resources Home and Abroad, Accurately Improving Die & Mould Technology and Optimizing Product to Release Enterprise Comprehensive Competitiveness

10th June 2019 P.M.

(Paralleled Forums)

1F, Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel

The Second Session of Forum on Die & Mould Intelligent Designing and Automated Manufacturing Application

(Hosted by CDMIA Digitalization and Informaionization Committee)

-AI methods and Application in Die & Mould Design (Mould Technology State Key Lab, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

- Mould Intelligent Workshop Interconnection Standard and Application (EMan Software Technology Co., Ltd.)

- Application of Big Data Analysis Technology in Die & Mould CNC Intelligent Programming (Mould Technology State Key Lab, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

- Potential and Case Sharing of Intelligence and Automation in Mould Equipment (DMG MORI China)

- Industry 4.0 Workshop Intelligent Manufacturing Platform (Tebis China)

-Linkage of Digitalization Technology of Auto Covering Parts Mould and Construction of Enterprise Standardization (FAW TOOLING DIE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.)

- FANUC Mould Intelligent Manufacturing Solution (Beijing-FANUC)

- Planning and Practice of Mold Intelligent Manufacturing System Integration (TK Mold (Shenzhen) Limited)

The Second Session of Forum on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Die & Mould Manufacturing Equipment and High-quality Development

(Hosted by CDMIA Equipment Committee)

- Five-axis Angle & Corner Cleaning-up solution (Beijing Jingdiao Group Co.,Ltd.)

- Five-axis mould processing efficiency and quality improvement examples (DMG MORI China)

- High-grade and efficient processing of moulds based on intelligent technology Beijing-FANUC

-Engine high-temperature alloy disc hot forging die gradient arc additive manufacturing Huazhong University of Science and Technology

-High-efficiency Mould processing (GF Machining Solutions)

- Industrial Internet and Mould Supply Chain Quality Management (Hexagon Metrology (QIngdao) Co., Ltd. )

11th June 2019 A.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

Case Sharing Meet on Green Manufacturing by Reducing Consumption and Cost

-Oil-containing Wastewater Optimizes Emission Reduction and Empowers Green Manufacturing (Zhejiang Mould Oil)

-Application of Mobile Lubricants in Die & Mould Industry and Energy Saving Cases (Exxon Mobil Corporation)

-Overall Solution of Industrial Medium in Die & Mould Industry (Hangzhou Juxin Lubrication Technology Co. Ltd.)

11th June 2019 P.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

Sharing Summit of Excellent Mould Materials and Materials for Heat Treatment Applications

2019 CDMIA Materials of Die & Mould Committee

——Optimized D&M Materials Helping the High-quality Development of the D&M industry

D&M Heat Treatment Technology Sharing Section

-Vacuum Heat Treatment and Nitriding of Large MouldsBeijing Huahai Zhongyi Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

—Application in D&M of Nitrex Nitriding TechnologyNitrex Thermal Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Excellent D&M Material Supplier Material Technology Sharing Section

-Technological Progress of High-quality Die Casting Mould Steel from Dongbei Special Steel GroupFushun Special Steel Shares Co., Ltd.

-Application of Carbide Alloy Standard PartsHUNAN BOYUN-DONGFANG POWER METALLURGY CO.,LTD

-Technological Progress of Automotive Lightweight Materials Forming Ningbo Ningshing Special-Steel Group Co., Ltd.

-Development and Application of Tool Steel Wire Products (Dalian Dongfei Special Steel Products Co., Ltd.)

- Effect of New Alloy Cast Iron Materials on Mould Quality (Anhui Yulong Mould Casting Co., Ltd.)

-Selection of Automobile Stamping Die/Fine Punching DieBohler Special Steels (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

12th June 2019 (Whole Day)



The First Session of Auto Body Mould Internationalization and High-quality Development Forum

2019 CDMIA Automobile Body Die and Equipment Committee

-Rate the auto body stamping die enterprise capability according to the auto body stamping die enterprise capability rating standard

-WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau AkademieWBAdiscusses the experience of global auto body mould manufacturing based on the cases of Audi and Benz

-The latest application of leading mold technology equipment digitalization and intelligence in the auto body mould industry

12th June 2019 A.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

Cutting Technologies and High Efficiency Tools Development Forum

-The Application of High-quality Cemented Carbide Material in Die & MouldCY CARBIDE MFG. CO., LTD.

-Mould Manufacturing Equipment Improving Quality and EfficiencyAutomation Technology Reforming New ProcessShenzhen Teles Metrology Co., Ltd.

-Hard Material Milling in Mould ProcessingYaorui-Aura Co., Ltd.

-Various grinding applications in mold manufacturing and repair processesPFRED

-Solution of Chip Removal in Deep cavity Mould MachiningKJ International Group Company Limited  -  Diebold China Partner-Online Testing Improves Quality and Production Capacity Auto Parts Precise ProcessingYixingbai measuring equipment CO.,LTD

12th June 2019 P.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

The Third Session of Forum on Application on Additive Manufacturing Technology

-High-efficiency and low-cost arc fuse additive manufacturing and repair technology for large moldsHuazhong University of Science and Technology

-Application of New Technology from GF Machining SolutionsIntegration of Additive Manufacturing and Traditional CraftsmanshipGF Machining Solutions

-Innovative Application of Laser Surface Texture and Mould 3D ManufacturingDMG MORI China

-New Craft of Metal 3D Shaping · The Innovative Mould Manufacturing with Stress Relief TechnologySodick Electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

-3D Additive D&M Manufacturing - General and Special MaterialsSandvik International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

-Innovative Design of Moulds in the Background of Metal 3D Printing Beijing E-plus 3D Tech Co., Ltd.

- Application of Metal 3D Printing Technology on D&M (TBD)  SHENZHEN SILVER BASIS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

Market DevelopmentMultiple Blockbuster International Match-making Activities

Introduction of International Die & Mould and Related Industries Procurement and Distribution Demand, Die & Mould Supplier Database Construction, Equipment Supplier Integration Scheme

13th June 2019 P.M.

 Gate8, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

How to Be an Industrial Power in D&M Industry?

Topic:《Under the New Round of Sino-US Trade War Situation, What Is the Way to Achieve Lean and Precision for D&M Enterprises?

Hosted by Shanghai Die&Mould Trade Association

June 2019 (During DMC2019)

3H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

OBP Special for Overseas Buyers Program Special for VVIP International Buyers

-Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

-Automobile, Consumer, Electronics, Household Appliances, IT, etc.

June 2019 (During DMC2019)

3H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

DMC2019 Match-makings on Die & Mould and Die & Mould Products

In order to strengthen the connection and docking of China's die & mould products with domestic and foreign market, and to build DMC2019 into the most centralized and efficient business platform for die & mould procurement resources, the “DMC2019 International Procurement Docking Meeting for Dies & Mould and Die & Mould Products” will be grandly launched, and it is proposed to invite a hundred of Chinese suppliers of dies & mould and die & mould product to dock with dozens of buyers of die & mould and die & mould product at home and abroad.

Full-scale Supply Chain Selection

Utilizing Fair Industry Evaluation to Enhance Brand Value, Realize Brand Marketing and Provide Full-day Service for Enterprises

10th-14th June 2019

National Exhibition and Convention Center

Excellent Suppliers Award

Every odd year, China Die & Mould Industry Association will rely on DMC evaluating the comprehensive level of exhibitors (equipment, technologies, operation and market feedback) and exhibits (quality) through users and experts evaluation. And carry out Excellent Suppliers Award.

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