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Previous Concurrent Events(2004-2018)

Concurrent Events Date
Cooperation and Practice of China Mold Industry Development Alliance 05/13/04
Premiere of "2008 China Mold Industry Yearbook" 10-08-05
The Sixth Member Representative Assembly and the First Conference of the Sixth Council of CDMIA 11-08-05
2008 Annual Conference of FADMA (private session of the member countries and regions) 05/13/08
Work Conference of Autobody Mold and Equipment Committee of CDMIA 05/13/08
The Third Plenary Meeting of the Sixth Council of CDMIA 10-10-05
2010 Annual Conference of China Aero-space Tooling Association Mold Committee 11-10-05
The Seventh Member Representative Assembly of CDMIA 05/30/12
The First Meeting of the Seventh Council of CDMIA 05/30/12
The 5th License Award for the Key Mold Enterprises in China 05/30/12
Premiere of 2012 China Mold Industry Yearbook 05/30/12
The Second Conference of the Seventh Council of CDMIA and the Development Forum of Auto Manufacturing Equipment and Mold 06/17/13
Seminar of Rubber Mold Technology of CDMIA 06/18/13
Annual Conference of Autobody Mold and Equipment Committee of CDMIA 06/18/13
Expansion Meeting of Executive Committee Member of CDMIA 02-14-06
2014 Asia Mold Development Forum 03-14-06
Annual Conference of Rubber Mold Committee of CDMIA 04-14-06
Annual Conference of 2014 FADMA 04-14-06
Establishment Conference of CDMIA Casting Mold Committee 05-14-06
The Fourth Session of the Seventh Council of CDMIA, Work Conference of Key Mold Enterprises, Key Export Enterprises in China 05/24/15
Work Conference of CDMIA Mold Standard Component Committee 05/26/15
Council of CDMIA 06/27/16
ISTMA BRICS Forum  06/29/16
FADMA OBM 06/30/16
The Second Session of the Eighth Council of CDMIA, 2017 Mold Industry Development Conference 12-17-06
The Third Session of the Eighth Council of CDMIA, DMC 2018 04-18-06
The First Committee Session of 2018 CDMIA Equipment Committee (On the Morning of June 6, 2018)  06-18-06
Evaluation of "Award of Exquisite Mold", the Mold and Mold Standard Parts Project 4-8/06/18
Evaluation of excellent suppliers 4-8/06/18
American MOLDFLOW analysis software 05/13/04
State-of-art technology of NX 05/13/04
Application of Siemens numerical control system in the mold industry 05/13/04
The Tenth Seminar of China International Mold Advanced Mold Manufacturing Technology 10-06-05
Innovative Design and Digital Manufacturing Technology Seminar 12-07-06
Discussion Forum of Mold Application and Processing Technology in the Aerospace and Manufacturing Field 05/14/08
2010 New Technology Forum of Mold Design Manufacturing  12-10-05
Seminar of Mold Material Development and New Mold Material Application 05/13/10
2010 Academic Exchange of Mold Inspection 05/13/10
2011 Seminar of Mold Standardization 02-11-06
Technology and application of hot stamping and rapid thermal cycle high-gloss injection 02-11-06
2011 Seminar of Efficient and Advanced Mold Manufacturing Technology 03-11-06
High-level Forum of High-speed Cutting Application of Aviation and Auto Part  03-11-06
Application of advanced special processing technology in the modern manufacturing industry 03-11-06
2012 Case Analysis Conference of New Technology Application of Mold Inspection and Inspection  01-12-06
Multicavity, Multicolor and Multi-material Mold and Molding Technology Analysis and Special Mold Material Negotiation Conference 01-12-06
The Fifth Symposium of Practical Manufacturing Technology of Mold  01-12-06
2012 High-level Forum of International Modernized Mold Manufacturing Technology 01-12-06
Exchange Meeting of Precision Processing as the Technical Support of Medical Apparatus Industry 01-12-06
Application Forum of Mold Quality Control and Inspection Technology 06/19/13
Seminar of "Lean Manufacturing & Shaping Technology and Mold" 03-14-06
Forum of Chinese Mold Steel Product and New Technology Application 05-14-06
Seminar of Precise Forming and Mold & Technological Development 05/24/15
DMC2015 Measurement and Application Seminar of Resin Pressure within the Injection Mold 05/25/15
Seminar of Mold Industry Standard for Improving Corporate Influence and Competitiveness 06/29/16
2017 Seminar of Cutting-edge Technology of Punching and Die Molding  12-17-06
2017 Seminar of Plastic Molding and Mold Technology 12-17-06
2017 Seminar of New Technology of Die Casting Mold 12-17-06
2017 Summit of Additional Material of Laser Technology and Molding Technology 06/13/17
High-end Forum of Domestic Tool and Mold Material and Application Technology and 2016-2017 annual progress report of project of Ministry of Science and Technology of "high-performance tool and mold steel and application", the national key R&D plan of "the 13th Five-Year Plan"  06/14/17
Exchange Meeting of Development and Application of Automobile Mold Technology 06/14/17
Forum of Intelligent Mold Manufacturing and Automatic Technology Application 04-18-06
2018 Summit Forum of Automobile Punching and Molding Technology 04-18-06
2018 Summit Forum of Mold Material Industry Technology and Application and 2018 Annual Conference of CDMIA Material Committee 05-18-06
2018 Summit of Quality Improvement and Efficiency Increase Solution of Mold Manufacturing Equipment 06-18-06
2004 China International Mold Development Forum - Development of Chinese Auto Industry Development and Auto Introduction  05/13/04
Status Quo and Development of Mold Technology in Spain 05/13/04
How the American Mold and Part Industry Seeks for the Partners in China  05/13/04
2006 Seminar of Auto Mold Manufacturing Technology 11-06-05
China-Germany Mold Forum 11-06-05
Exchange Meeting of E-commerce and Order Acquisition 06/13/07
2008 Cooperative Development Forum of International Mold Industry 05/13/08
The 2nd Investigation Release of Users' Satisfaction Results of Cutting Tool and the Tool Development Forum and the Award Ceremony of Users Favorable Cutting Tools  05/14/08
Meet-and-greet of International Mold Purchasers and Chinese Mold Enterprises 11-10-05
Development Forum of Auto Industry and Auto Mold 11-10-05
Communication Meeting of Auto Mold Purchase 12-10-05
Exchange Meeting of Mold Application in Medical Apparatus 05/13/10
Seize Opportunity, Challenge the Future Auto Mold Seminar 05/13/10
Development and Technology Exchange Meeting of Lubrication Oil and YG-1 Cutting Tool 05/13/10
Exchange Meeting of Auto Part Mold Purchase of BOSCH 03-11-06
Coordinated Development, Co-creation of the Future - 2011 High-end Development Forum of China-Germany Auto Mold Manufacturing Technology 03-11-06
Exchange Meeting of Auto Part Mold Purchase of BOSCH (China) Investment Co., Ltd.  05/31/12
Seminar of Advanced Manufacturing Metal and Forming Technology of Switzerland  01-12-06
Symposium of Technology and Equipment of the Mold and Plastic Product Industry 01-12-06
Seminar of Auto Lightweight Manufacturing Technology and Mold Technology 06/17/13
Product Launch of Baosteel Special Steel Mold 06/18/13
Haier mold in the internet age 04-14-06
2014 (3rd) Forum of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of International Medical Apparatus 05-14-06
DMC 2014 Auto Mold and Auto Lightweight Forming and Manufacturing Forum 06-14-06
Qingdao Haier Mold Co., Ltd. - Seminar of "Openness, Innovation and Leading" 05/25/15
Technical Summit of Additional Material Manufacturing's Assistance of the Innovative Development of the Mold Industry 05/25/15
Internet+ mold, creating the integrated and innovative platform of intelligent mold CAD/CAM 05/25/15
Symposium of Technical Market in the Auto Industry, Mold and Equipment Industry 05/26/15
Summit of Internet of Industry Resource Sharing & Collaborative Mold Manufacturing  06/27/16
International Auto Mold Development Forum 06/28/16
Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Canada FTI Technology Co., Ltd. and Cheerwin Group 06/28/16
Forum of Coordinated Development of Mold and Gathering Park of Modern Manufacturing Industry 06/29/16
Promotion Forum of Application and Industry of Additional Material Technology Mold Industry 06/29/16
DMC 2016 International Purchase Meeting of Chinese Mold and Mold Manufacturing 06/29/16
Auto's Demand Information of Mold and Business News Conference 06/13/17
Internet+ Mold News Conference of Online Purchase Transaction - Super Engineer Platform 06/13/17
Information Session of Luzhi Tool Town 06/13/17
DMC 2017 Symposium of International Purchase of Mold and Mold Product 06/14/17
Sharing Meeting of Mold Design and Manufacturing Outsourcing Service and Cost Accounting of Super Engineers 06/15/17
2018 (2nd) Summit Forum of Additional Material Manufacturing Technology Application - Additional Material Manufacturing and Boosting Mold Industry 05-18-06
Belt and Road International Mold Industry Forum 05-18-06
DMC 2018 Symposium of International Purchase of Mold and Mold Product 06-18-06
Special Session of OBP Overseas Buyer/top 500 in Global Manufacturing Industry and Special Purchase of VVIP International Purchasers 13-16/06/17
Evaluation Meeting of Excellent Mold Manufacturing Equipment and Technology Suppliers 14-16/06/17
Special Session of OBP Overseas Buyer / Special Session for Purchase of VVIP International Purchasers from Top 500 in Global Manufacturing Industry  6-8/06/18
China High-level Forum of Professional Mold Talent Demand and Cultivation 05/14/08
Mold Talent and Corporate Development Seminar of Talent Training 11-10-05
Seminar of School-enterprise Cooperation of National Mold Numerical Control Talent Cultivation and Exchange Meeting of German Vocational Education Double-capability Teaching Staff Training 05/31/12
Demonstration Meeting of Higher Vocational Double-capability Standard and Campus Training Base Construction Standard of CDMIA 05/26/15
Connection and Signature of High-end Mold Enterprises and Key Vocational Institutions 06/13/17
Industry-teaching Integrated Exhibition Area of CDMIA Vocational Education Committee 4-9/06/2018

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